Student Wellbeing at St Joseph’s Laurieton.

At our school, our vision is that 'each person is known and valued'. We recognise that each individual student is on a learning journey through life and that individual wellness and connection with others is important. We also know that wellbeing is so closely linked with academic achievement and in achieving our diocesan mission of a ‘fullness of life’. We acknowledge that parents are children’s first and most important educators and in the words of our CSO Director, Dr Sally Towns, “Our teachers and support staff work with families to support students to recognise, achieve and then surpass their potential, to believe in themselves and to have pride in their own achievements and abilities”.

This is why we offer to our students a holistic education with a range of support programs and services to support their wellbeing in partnership with parents. In addition to the support and close relationships our Teaching Staff have with their students, we understand that some children benefit from further wellbeing support. This can include individual strategies in the classroom, playground, supported social groups, interest clubs, counselling, play based therapies and sometimes referral to external services.

As we recognise that each child is unique and valued, we work closely with parents through our Wellbeing Team. This team is made up of our Principal, Rick Galvin , Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning, Karen Townsend, Assistant Principal Mission, Maria Wilson, Additional Needs Coordinator, Fiona Hayward,  and our School Psychologist/Counsellor, Amy Bourke. Together we recommend strategies and programs for students referred to us by their parents. We respect the confidentiality and sensitivity of some wellbeing concerns where the focus remains on strategies to support rather than sharing any personal family circumstances where appropriate.

If your child is experiencing some difficulties in their wellbeing and you feel we can support your child, you are welcome to complete a wellbeing referral (available below) and/or make an appointment to see Amy Bourke or Rick Galvin to discuss your concerns or questions privately.

Please watch out in the newsletters coming up for a dedicated section on some wellbeing topics relevant to everyone with useful hints and insights.

We look forward to continuing to work together with you to support your child on their learning journey toward a fullness of life.

Wellbeing Referral