Welcome to St Joseph’s Primary School Laurieton website.

St Joseph’s Laurieton is a Catholic school providing a quality faith based education for students from across the wider Camden Haven area, where, I am proud to say, we enjoy a wonderful reputation for providing an outstanding school experience.

St Joseph’s is a single stream school (Kinder to Year 6) with modern facilities and services and is set within beautiful natural bushland surrounds. In addition to the physical aspects of the school, we aim to provide a friendly, stimulating, happy and safe environment to ensure all feel included and valued in our school community.

Our fundamental purpose is “To be a Christ centred learning community where each person is known and valued.” (School Mission Statement) There is a strong emphasis on living our school motto of ‘Courtesy, Faith and Diligence.” The school aims to nurture students’ faith by making Jesus real and visible in their daily lives through words and actions, and by providing them with experiences in prayer and the traditions of the Catholic Church.

At St Joseph’s we strive to maintain personalised and enriching experiences for students built on strong relationships and collaboration between staff, students, parents and the wider community. In addition to our relationships with God, we have a strong focus on both the academic and well-being needs of our students.

Students have many opportunities to foster their talents, whether they be academic, sporting, cultural, or in the creative arts . Staff at St Joseph’s strive to inspire and challenge students to achieve growth and success and promote and encourage positive attitudes towards learning and life in order to prepare them for the future.

Should you wish to know more about St Joseph’s please do not hesitate to contact the school (02 6559 9466) and we will happily assist with your enquiries.


Rick Galvin