Good health is vital to school progress. Immunisation is a safeguard to health. Your child will probably need a booster injection about the time he/she commences school.

It is possible that at some time during your child’s school career, he/she will contract one of the common diseases of childhood. The disease and minimum period of absence are listed below.

Headlice – Re-admitted when appropriate treatment has commenced. To prevent re-infection, everyone living in the same house should be treated at the same time and a follow up treatment carried out after 10 days. Some userful links are given below:

Ringworm - Re-admitted when appropriate treatment has commenced, supported when requested by a medical certificate.

Conjunctivitis - See your family doctor. Keep child at home until discharge from eyes has ceased.

Impetigo -(School sores): See your family doctor and keep your child at home until sores have fully healed. The child may be allowed to return, provided that appropriate treatment is being applied and that sores on exposed surfaces are properly covered with dressings.

Chicken Pox- Excluded for at least 5 days after the first spots appear or until fully recovered.

Measles - Should be excluded for at least 7 days from the appearance of the rash or until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

Rubella -(GERMAN MEASLES) – Exclude until fully recovered.

Mumps - Exclude until fully recovered.

Whooping Cough - Should be excluded for four (4) weeks from onset of illness and until a medical certificate of recovery is produced.

Diphrheria - Re-admitted after receipt of a medical certificate of recovery from infection following at least two (2) negative nose and throat swabs.

No medication of any kind, including Panadol, asthma ‘puffers’ and antibiotic treatment when necessary, will be administered to children without the written authority of parents/guardians. Please approach your child’s teacher or the office staff if your child needs any of these treatments.

ADMINISTERING MEDICATION: Prescribed medication will be administered to children with the provision of written authority from parents/guardians. Forms are available at the school office for this purpose.

Parental Support 

The following sites could provide parents with valuable support:

Parent Line – Parent Line can provide counselling and support for parents, as well as parenting advice and information. They also refer callers to other services in their local area for ongoing support, or for issues that they are not able to help with, such as legal advice.

Catholic Care Their services include family and relationship counselling; counselling for drug, alcohol and other dependencies; school counselling; mediation and conciliation; marriage preparation; foster care and adoptions; services for children and young persons at risk of physical or emotional harm; employment services; training for people living with a disability; St Patrick’s Institute of Education; supported accommodation; respite services; support services for the aged and people living with a disability.

Top 10 Resources – These documents support Parent-Teacher meetings, enrolment activities and provide learning links, and communication tips.