At St Joseph’s car park, please be aware of four buses which need to turn and pick up children. Do not park in the bus parking bay.

Delivery and collection of students

* Parents collect children from the Hall.
* Parents must walk children across car park
* The area between Office & Hall is designated as a drop-off/pick-up zone for parents.

* The Church car-park provides an alternative to parking within school grounds.

Handicapped parking:

* Between the signs outside the office


Parents for the safety of our students and community please be aware of the following school speed zones.

The map attached highlights 40km zones on Ocean Drive, the pedestrian crossings and drop off and pick up points. Please be aware that there is a 10km zone which is located as you enter the school car parking and pick up area.

All children must walk their bikes into and out of school grounds. Bike riders are set off in front of the Pre-School by a supervising teacher.

Bicycle parking procedures –

* All bicycles to be parked in racks alongside the Kindergarten room.
* A security chain & lock would be an asset.

There are several buses which transport the children to and from school. The bus company, Busways Bus Service, operate on these runs.
1. LAURIETON bus – includes children from Camden Head, Dunbogan, Laurieton, North Haven and Lake Cathie.
3. KEW bus – for children living at Lakewood, Kew Road (beyond 1.6 kms from school), Kew and Heron’s Creek.
4. KENDALL – for children from Kendall, Lorne, Ross Glen and John’s River.

When a child enrols at the school he/she will be given an Application for Travel form which you will be asked to complete and return to the school as soon as possible. These will be processed and a bus pass issued by the bus company in due course.

As children progress from Infants to Primary a new Application for Travel form is required.

If children need to be transported more than 1.6 kms to the bus stop, application should be made at the school office for the necessary Urban Transit Forms. These must be returned to the school when completed.

Students will

Behave safely at all times
Respect the needs and comfort of other passengers
Respect bus property by not marking or damaging it
Always follow instructions about safety on the bus
Show their bus pass or ticket to the Driver on boarding and when requested.

Students will not

Distract the Driver except in an emergency
Smoke, eat or drink on the bus
Allow any part of their body to protrude from the bus
Fight, spit, use offensive language or place their feet on the seats
Throw any article inside, or out of, the bus
Alter, deface, misuse or fraudulently obtain a bus pass
Give, lend or transfer their bus pass to another student.