School Fees

At St Joseph’s Laurieton fees are notified to parents as a single amount payable for the year(See below for schedule of fees) This figure includes tuition fees, resources(including book packs), Building and Maintenence fees, Technology fees and most week to week sporting and cultural costs(Additional excursions, elective sports programs and band/instrument tuition are not included).

Schedule of Annual Fees 2021:

One child: $1860

Two child family: $3436 (includes a 15% Discount for 2nd child)

Three child family: $4552 (includes a 40% Discount for 3rd child)

Four child family: $4552 (includes a 100% discount for 4th child)

School fees are billed quarterly via a statement at the start of each term.

Payments can be made by negotiation in any of the following ways:

  •  By regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly installments, to be finalised by the end of the school year.
  •  In advance for the school year, attracting a 5% discount on the tuition component if paid in full by 31 March.
  •  In equal instalments for the year, following the schedule provided by the school, provided all fees are paid by the end of term 3.

Variations to the selected payment schedule need to be discussed with the School Principal.

Preferred payment method is internet transfer/direct debit. Any bank charges, such as Direct Debit fees, are the responsibility of the school fee payer.

Conditions of Payment

  1. Payment of all school fees and levies is required by the due date unless there is an arrangement between the family and the school to pay by installments.
  2. The school has the right to charge an administration fee on overdue accounts at a rate established from time to time by the Parish Finance Council.
  3. Overdue accounts, including those where agreements for the payments have not been honoured, will result in a review of the student’s continuing enrolment at the school.
  4.  The Principal may recommend exclusion from enrolment for families moving from Pre-school to Primary School, or from Primary School to Secondary School, if they would be leaving an unpaid debt behind.
  5. Default in the payment of fees or other charges renders the parents liable to legal action for recovery of the unpaid fees or other charges.

Fee Collection

Fees reminders are  sent home at the beginning of each term, and reminders sent home at regular intervals. Families are urged to speak with the Principal if they are experiencing difficulties with their fees. It is our policy that no family will be excluded from school on the basis of inability to pay fees. We do expect, however, that a commitment be made to contribute towards the cost of education of all children at St Joseph’s.

All families with current ‘fees outstanding’ will be contacted by the Principal unless prior arrangements have been made. If a family has chosen a fee payment schedule other than the standard “pay on invoice”, their payment progress will be monitored to ensure payments are regular and complete. An interview with the Principal may be arranged if the family indicates they are experiencing difficulties.

School fees will be considered overdue if they are not paid in full by the end of term 3 unless an installment plan is in place.

Any costs incurred through actions involving a Debt Collector will be added to the School Fee Account. 
The Parish Priest has the authority to instigate legal action to recover outstanding debts if necessary.