COVID-19 Guidelines

2021 Term 1 – COVID-19 Update (5 March)

Catholic Schools NSW has continued to work with NSW Health to revise the current advice to
schools. NSW Health has agreed to the following activities resuming across all schools in NSW
effective 8 March 2021:
● Parents and carers are able to enter school grounds but should continue to follow
COVID safe practices, including social distancing between adults of 1.5 metres.
● Parents and carers can attend school sporting events. School sporting events should
align with requirements for community sporting competitions and training activities in
● Assemblies continue to be permitted but should be limited to less than an hour where
● Parents, carers and special guests may be invited to assemblies however must comply
with social distancing and personal hygiene requirements at all times.
● There are no recommended limits on singing groups in schools, including for in-class
educational activities including repetition, chanting, recitation, or singing activities. Five
metres is recommended between a group of performing singers and other people,
including the audience and conductor, where practicable.
● Dancing activities, including dance classes, formals and social events, can proceed, but
organisers should comply with any venue restrictions and/or produce a COVID-19 Safety
● Schools should continue to complete COVID safe plans for school events where over 50
adults are gathering.
Students are permitted to attend aged care facilities following COVID safe requirements.
School orientation programs are permitted taking into account the following COVID safe
● Visitors are to sign in and out on arrival and departure and use the school QR Code for
● Comply with personal hygiene and social distancing requirements.
● Minimise use of school spaces and disruptions to classroom activities (i.e. limit the visitor
to only accessing the spaces necessary for the purpose of the visit).
● Schools must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place for meetings and professional
learning activities involving more than 50 participants.
● Where there are less than 50 people gathering, personal hygiene, social distancing,
cleaning and record keeping requirements must be adhered to.
● Capacity must not exceed the limits as per the relevant square metre rule.
● External visitors and guests are permitted.
● External venues may be utilised, providers must have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place.
● No shared food platters or buffet style food service.
● Cleaning arrangements are in place for any shared equipment and other items after each
● Staff should remain seated as much as possible during learning activities and a physical
distance of 1.5m maintained.
A list of all people participating (including both staff and other adults) must be maintained for a
period of 28 days including contact details in case they are required for contact tracing. It is still
important that we all continue to remain vigilant in implementing COVID safe practices in our
schools and workplaces.
Some level of restrictions and guidelines will remain in place for schools for some time. It is also
important that schools continue to be prepared to move to learning from home at short notice, if
Please do not hesitate to contact the school on 6559 9466 if you require any further

Rick Galvin
St Joseph’s Primary School Laurieton